Tusnad and its surroundings

Accessibility, accommodations

Routes of access

The Ciomatul mountains can be easily approached across the Olt passage. Here goes across the 400 railroad line , which links Brasov to Gheorgheni, respectively the main road no. 12. The famous and spectacular views of the mountain can be approaches both from the Tusnad bath and the rail stations of Bixad. From the mentioned villages a tourist path leads to Sfânta Ana lake, to the center of the region. The mountain group and Balvanioș bath can be approached from Bixad and Tg. Secuiesc. If we choose the latter as starting point we can take to train towards Brețcu from Sf. Gheorghe. From Tg. Secuiesc there is a daily permanent bus line to Balvanioș bath (22 km). From the railway station we can hitchhike in order to reach Balvanioș bath (17 km). The road to Balvanioș bath bifurcates in the center of Bixad.

Accommodations, Useful Addresses, Phone Numbers

Regional numbers: - Romania, - Hargita county: (40)-66

Băile Tușnad

Accommodations - meal

Hotel Ciucaș: Str. Voința nr. 1. Tel: 122 184. Fax: 121482 8 rooms with one bad, 74 rooms with two beds, 3 apartments.

Hotel Olt: Str. Voința nr. 2. Tel: 111 676, Fax: 150 876 6 rooms with one bed, 125 rooms with two beds, 3 apartments.

Hotel Tușnad: Str. Olt nr. 45. Tel: 115 074

Pensiunea Ciomatul(): Str. Avântului 2 rooms with 3 beds, 1 room with two beds, two bathrooms with toilet. Central heating, meals by order, bar. Tel: 132 145

Pensiunea "Szejke": Str. Morii nr. 52. Tel: 135 590 Univers Turist Ltd.: Oltului street (Olt) no. 86 . Tel: 135 447 Camping: Tel: 135 087 Veverița Veverita confectionery and restaurant : Tel: 135 096 Camelia S.C.C.: Perla restaurant Oltului street (Olt) no.88 . Tel: 135 571 Balneo Tour Ltd.: Vointa street no. 13. Tel: 135 011


Car service Tel: 135 393

Benzot HAR fuel station: Tel: 135 057

Forrimpex Ltd. bar, electronic games: Oltului street no.108 . Tel: 135 448

Farmacy: Oltului street no.94. Tel: 135 128

Peco - fuel station: Tel: 135 160

Post office: Tel: 135 143

Police: Tel: 135 005

Savings bank (CEC), exchange office: Tel: 135 057

Tusnád ink.: Oltului street no.102. Tel: 135 537, 135 292, 135 108

Railstation: Tel: 135 015

City hall: Tel: 135 006

Balvanioș BATH

Carpati hotel: Tel-fax: 40-67-352700, 40-67-361449, 40-68-154059

DAR TOURS INK. - Cetatea Bálványos restaurant, roofed terrace: 60 places, rustic terrace: 40 places, guesthouse: 16 bedsTel: 067-361 130 Camping: 70 places, in huts with 2-3 beds


UNIO motel and camping : 54 places, kitchen, restaurant, bar. Not available at the moment.

Tușnadul Nou, Tușnad, Lăzărești, Bixad

Rural tourism, accommodations at private houses, place for tents: grassy yards, gardens. In the summer holyday: schools.

Lacul Sfânta Ana

Cabana Sfânta Ana Hostels, with 15 places, occasionally 30 places, camping, bar. Phone available with the intermediation of the telephone centers of Micfalău and Bixad.