Tusnad and its surroundings

Tourist tracks of Tușnad Băi

Track no.1: Băile Tușnad - Apor tower- Ludmilla look out- Băile Tușnad

Mark of round track: red point Running time: 50 min-1 hour Length of track: 1,5 km Level difference: 68 m

The tourist path begins at the center of the bath on the opposite side of the tourist information office, at the edge of the parking place. The road touches the old hotel then goes further on the Voința street leaving behind on the left the Veverița confectionary, the policlinic (the medicinal bath), the Mikes and Apor mineral eater spring and arrives at the edge of the forest. Here the street ends and the forest path begins. After a slight rise (10 min) the red point and the red cross go in different directions. The latter leds to Sfânta Ana lake, and the red point continues to the left near the Surduc peak, then goes further on the forest path. After 10 min appears the Apor tower (701 m). From here the road turns to the right then to the left. After 15-20 min walk from the Apor tower a clearing begins. Going to west after 100 m we reach the Ludmilla look out (725 m). We can see the Olt and the Ciucaș hotel. In our way back we descend on a wide road towards the bath. The road turns to the right and reaches the Voința street near the Ciucaș restaurant then the Olt hotel.

Track no.2: Băile Tușnad - Lacul Ciucaș - Stânca Șoimilor

Mark: red triangle Running time: 1-2 hours Length of track: 2,5 km Level difference: 189 m

The route is recommended for experienced tourists.

The route starts also from the central parking place as the first track. Crosses the road towards the catholic church then goes further on the main road towards Ciuc (N). After 170 m the marks arrive at the meeting point of the Gara and Ciucaș streets where turning to the left they go further on the road that leads to Ciucaș lake. The road crosses the railway and reaches the old bridge. Crossing the bridge the road bifurcates. The left branch leads to the Univers camping and to the medicinal baths. The right one, marked with red triangle turns into forest path, crosses a smallclearing, leaves behind a few villas, and climbs to the forest road of Corbului stream hill, which ends at the Carpituș stone mine. The marks lead to the right and after walking 25 m on the forest road we cross the Corbului stream. The road on the left bank of the stream goes up on 18 serpentines to Stânca Șoimilor. The last curve turns to the left behind a rock. This is the lowest southern side of the Stânca Șoimilor. On the right we leave behind a path and after 10 m we climb to a peak. Down before us there is the Olt, on the left Stânca Șoimilor. We return to the road marked with the red triangle, and after 3-4 min walk we reach a gray rock group. This is Stânca Șoimilor. From here we can see the Olt glen, and Ciomatul mountain.

Tracks 3 and 3/a: Băile Tușnad - Lacul Sfânta Ana hostel

Mark: red cross till the hostel, blue triangle to Ciomatul Mare Running time: upwards 3-3 1/2 h, downwards 2-2 1/2 h Length of track: 6 km Level difference: 554 m

The road is recommended for tourists in good physical condition.

On the right side of Comloș ditch begins a tourist path with 32 serpentines and marked with the red cross. Starts from the same place as the first two tracks. At first goes along the red point, then crossing Voința street reaches the forest. After 10 min rising the 2 marks bifurcate. The right one marked with the red cross is a serpentine road (3,2 km). Rises steeply to the mountain saddle situated between Ciomatul Mic and Ciomatul Mare. On the clearing near Ciomatul saddle we meet the blue stripe coming from Vf. Cetăți. Leaving behind the clearing we enter the forest that goes between the two Ciomatul mountains. On the ridge we can notice the blue triangle that leads to the Ciomatului Mare peak (1301 m). After climbing the peak we return to the red cross mark, the road descends towards Mohoș wasteland, to the hostel (1065 m) built on the watershed of Sfânta Ana lake and to the camp. Leaving the forest we reach the Mohoș peat-bog.

Tracks no.4 and 4/a: Băile Tușnad - Vf. Cetății - Sfânta Ana hostel - Muchia Lacului - Bixad

Mark: blue stripe; blue point towards Vf. Cetății Running time: 4-5 h upwards, 3 1/2-4 h downwards length of track: 14 km Level difference: 560 m

Accessable in all seasons.

Begins at the center of Bșile Tușnad bath, as the other routes. The blue stripe follows the main road towards the mayor's office, passes near the market and the fuel station then leaves the main road and turns to the right towards the old canteen no.5. In front of the canteen turns to the right again, reaches a narrow path at the edge of the forest, which goes up on the left bank of Cetății stream. After 45 min another ramification follows. Here we follow the left path. After climbing 15 min we reach southeastern side of Vf. Cetății peack. Here separates the tourist road marked with blue stripe from the road with the blue point (4/a) that leads to the castle (15 min). In our way back on the path of the castle we leave behind the southwest side of Vf. Cetății peack. In 15 min we descend to the saddle from where we continue our way on the path marked with the blue stripe. After 150 m we reach at the left the road of Tisei stream. We go further to south in a pine forest towards the saddle of the two Ciomatul. At the beginning the road descends on the right bank of Cetății stream, after 8-10 min crosses the stream and turns towards southeast. After a few curves reaches the clearing between the two Ciomatul mountains where meets the red cross coming from Băile Tușnad bath. The two marks go together until the Sfânta Ana hostel. Leaving behind the camp we reach a forest road. After 15 min (1 km) we arrive at the edge of the forest and we turn to 90° the right Muchia Lacului. We walk on the edge of the Sfânta Ana lake crater about 15-20 min. We reach a forest then a small clearing. Here we can notice the blue cross coming from the Unio motel of Bixad. From the clearing we turn to the left (S) and enter a forest. From here the road descends towards the springs of Alsó and Felso lake streams. In 20 min we lwave behind a forest and at the right bank of the Alsótó stream we reach a pasture and then Bixad. Going around the hill of Baia Porcilor bath after 30 min we reach Bugyogó spring. Continuing our way we arrive at Bixad. We follow the main road of the village until, at the crossing of the main roads of Brașov and Miercurea Ciuc, the tourist path ends.

Track no.6: Vârghiș stream - Mohoș wasteland- Sfânta Ana hostel

Mark: yellow triangle Running time: upwards 2 h, downwards 1 1/2 h Level difference: 420 m Length of track: 5,5 km

Pleasant and accessable track in all seasons.

1,5 km away from the end of Băile Tușnad bath towards Miercurea-Ciuc there is the road of Vârghiș stream on the right (on the opposite side of a villa near the Trazmar fuel station). The road is accessible by car. After 1,2 km the road that goes along the left bank of Vârghiș stream, with two curves gets to the right bank of the stream. From this road branches after 750-800 m on the left a forest road that ends at the glen of Vereș stream which springs from the Mohoș. After 250 m from the meeting point of the two roads the path marked with the yellow triangle ends on a small clearing. We should leave our car here. The road leads up in a pine forest on the west side of Mohoș peak and Haramul Ierbos remaining all the way on the right bank of the Vârghiș stream. We reach a clearing then a beech forest. We climb up on the marked path until we get to the saddle between Mohoș peak and Ciomatul Mare. From the Mohoș saddle the path leads down to the Mohoș wasteland, and then joins the tourist path merked with red point. We find here an indicator. From here the Sfânta Ana hostel is 1,5 km away. We follow the marks along the Mohoș peat-bog turning to the right till we cross a forest road. Then the big Mohoș wasteland follows, from here we can see the main road towards Sfânta Ana lake, the camp and the hostel.

Track no.7: Unio motel - Sfânta Ana lake hostel

Mark: blue cross Running time downwards: 1, 1/2 h, upwards 1 h Level difference: 430 m Length of track: 3,75 km

Accessible in all seasons.

Starts at the Unio motel built on the border of Harghita and Covasna county. We travel by train from Băile Tușnad bath to the Carpituș station, or by car till the Unio motel. We can approach the Unio motel in 30 min from the Restaurantul Morii village inn by walking on the path of the upper glen of the Olt. In 15 min after a curve we reach the ridge where we meet a large path. Turning to the left we climb the mountain (10 min), we reach a forest and go to the right. The marks lead to the left, the path goes further on a forest road on the slope of Taca. The road turns to east on the ridge and reaches a cut-over area, then a cart road on which the marks point to the left. We go on the forest path that leads along the eastern side of Tața. Crossing this side the road starts to descend and enters the forest of Ciomatul crater. We reach a clearing. This is the saddle between Muchia Lacului and Tața. We go down on the forest road, and after 10 min we can see the lake. On the sandy beach we turn to the left and after 300 m we reach the Sf. Ana chapel. The blue cross goes in front of the chapel and disappears in the forest. The road continues on the steep path of the lake, crosses the curves of the asphalt road and reaches the hostel in the saddle of Mohoș.