Tusnad and its surroundings

Tracks from Sfânta Ana lake

Track no.8: Mohoș wasteland- Băile "Nadaș" bath - Tușnadul Nou rail station

Mark: red point Running time: upwards 4-4 1/2 h, downwards 3-3 1/2 h Level difference: 395 m Length of track: 14 km

Accessible in all seasons.

Near the tourist house an arrow marks the beginning of the tourist road. Crossing the asphalt road we start our way on the path of Mohoș wasteland, go along the peat-bog marked with the yellow triangle. After 1,5 km leaving the Mohoș fen the two marks lead in two different directions. The yellow triangle leads to Vărghiș stream, the red point goes along the Mohoș on 300 m. At 150 m distance from the marked path there is a 30-40 m deep ravine. This is the glen of the Vereș stream. We continue our way along Veres stream towards Tușnadul Nou, Lăzărești. On the left we can see the Mohoș, the Ierbos and Haramul Mare. After 500 m we arrive to a clearing, where a steep forest road joins the marked path. On this part of the road the marks are defective and are painted on big stones. After a 1200 m continuous descending the tourist road crosses the forest road of Haramul Mare, then leaves the forest. Here an arrow mark points to the left. The path follows the edge of the forest, then after 1 km meets the forest road that goes along on the right side and comes from Fagul Rotund. On the left there is Haramul Mic. We cross a cart road. After 30 min walk the road turns to the left, to the natural reservation named "Nádas" bath. The 250 m deviation to the left is marked with an indicator. The road towards "Nádas" bath is marked with a blue arrow, after 80 m reach the "Nádas" mineral water spring, and after another 4-5 km the swimming pool appears. "Nádas" bath is excellent for camping. Leaving "Nádas" bath the road goes along "Nádas" stream and on the eastern end of Tușnadul Mare meets the main road. The arrow marks the road. Now the marked road is the main street of the village that crosses the Olt bridge and ends at the rail station.

Track no.9: Sfânta Ana lake hostel- Carpati hotel

Mark: yellow cross Running time: 1 1/2-2 h Level difference: 245 m Length of track: 7 km

The shortest path between Sfânta Ana lake and Balvanioș bath. Accessible in all seasons.

Goes along with the blue cross from the yard of the hostel towards Vf. Țețelea. First goes across the camp than the main road and continues on the southern side of the Mohoș wasteland. After 15 min crosses the main road again. From here the tourist road leads up to the peak of Vf. Cocoizaș (1115 m), where the two marks go in two different directions. The yellow cross sign leads down to a beech forest. After 20 min we reach the asphalt road that leads to Sfânta Ana lake. We turn to the right on the main road and 200 m after a curve the marks disappear in the forest. The marks lead along the main road towards the Carpați hotel.

Track no.10: Sfânta Ana lake hostel- Vf. Țețelea

Mark: blue cross Running time: 3 1/2-4 h Level difference: 105 m Length of track: 9 km

Track difficulty: medium. Due to its length in the winter is recommended only for experienced tourists.

The blue cross goes along with the yellow cross from the yard of the hostel. Goes across the camp than the main road and enters the Mohos wasteland. Goes around the Mohos on the east and crosses the main road again, then climbs to Vf. Cocoizaș where the two roads go into two different directions. The path with the blue cross goes along the ridge (N). On the saddle between the two peaks the path leads down and reaches the main road. The route from here follows the main road of Sfânta Ana lake. Walking down on this, after a few curves we reach the indicator that marks the border of Hargita county. Leaving the main road we go further on a large forest road, we turn to the east then to southeast towards the hill of Bolondoș ridge and we reach the saddle. Our way is crossed by a forest road that comes from Buffogó marsh and goes towards Vf. Fagul Round. The path climbs Vf. Gheții crag (1093 m), then descends to the Vf. de Mijloc saddle. In the saddle of Vf. de Mijloc (1087 m) and Gorgan (1135 m) we reach the red cross which comes from Balvanioș castle and leads to Lăzărești. Here we meet the blue stripe coming from Balvanioș bath and goes towards though the Pasul Niergeș peak. From here we can see Gorgan stream and on the east Gorgan. After climbing Gorgan the road turns to north, after 500 m to east reaches the Țețelea saddle. We leave behind the ridge path with the blue stripe and climb to Vf. Țețelea peak (1173). Here the road ends.