Tusnad and its surroundings

Other tracks

Route no.18.: Cozmeni - Lăzărești - Câmpului Capelei - Cetatea Balvanioș

New tourist path. Mark: red crosspiros kereszt Running time: 5-6 h Length of track: 15,5 km. Level difference: 385 m

This is the only tourist road that links directly Ciucul de Jos with Cetatea Balvanioș castle. The mark goes along the old road of Turia.

It begins at the Cașin main road which comes from Kozmeni. We leave the village at "Nyír" bath (2,5 km), which is situated on the left side of the "Hí" stream. The tourist road leads through a pine forest. After leaving behind the springs of Hí stream we go up to the northern side of Gropii Mari (938 m). The road crosses a forest on the hill and descends on the slope of Gropii Mari. Leaving the forest we can see on the right the large land of Câmpului Capelei (camping possibilities). Leaving Câmpul Capelei the road bifurcates. The right branch leads through a pine forest, near the ridge of the mountain the path turns to the right and on a few serpentine gets to the edge of the forest between Vf. de Mijloc and Vf. Gorgan. Here we reach the blue cross that comes from Sfânta Ana lake and we follow the blue stripe which leads to Bálványos castle. Down on the left we follow the ridge path. Our way goes along the red cross and after 2,25 km we reach the ruins of Balvanioș castle.

Track no.19: Țețelea - Niergeș - Dl. Capra peak

Mark: blue stripe Running time: 3 1/2 - 4 h Length of track: 12 km Level difference: 298 m

The main road no.19 begins from Cecele and it is the ridge road of the Ciucului mountains and the continuation of the Balvanioș road no. 17. Turning to the north a forest road leads along the Niergeș. We can find accommodation in case of bad weather in the sheepfold. The first part of the road between Țețelea and Niergeș peak is 8,5 km long and goes around the peaks of Niergeș . Between the last two peaks the road turns to northeast and descends to the Casin main road (875 m), to Niergeș peak. Crosses an asphalt road, a forest, and reaches the wasteland of Vf. Ferteș peak (1054 m). Leaving Fertest we turn to east and arrive to Dealul Capra peak (1060 m), which is the end of the route.

Track no.22: Tușnadul Nou - Poiana Mitaci wasteland

Mark: red point Running time: 2-3 h Length of track: 8 km Level difference: 626 m

The tourist path marked with blue point starts at the rail station of Tușnadu Nou and leads - from the region of Ciomatul - to the ridge path of Harghita fo. The road goes across the village and turns into a forest road that goes along the right bank of the Mitaci stream. The forest road goes up from the Olt valley to the eastern foot of east Hargita mountain. After leaving the field the road bifurcates at the workers' lodge. The right road crosses Mitaciul Mic stream and reaches between the Vf. Mitaci and Vf. Capuș mountain the Mitaciul Mare stream. From here a forest road goes towards the mountain and after 1 hour, we reach the lower side of Pasul Mitaci wasteland where we meet the blue stripe mark of Harghita main ridge.