Izvorul Mures and its surroundings

Tracks of the Gheorgeni basin

Izvorul Mureșului - Grințeș - vf. Răchițiș - Culmea Ineului - vf. Poienii Oștoroș - vf. Fagul Roșu.

Mark: blue cross Running time: 4 hours Length of track: 12 km. Level difference: 860 m

We start our tour from Izvorul Mureșului to the south on the Mureș field. We go up on the west side of the ski track. After 2 km we turn to southwest on the marked road, we cross the pine forest of the Răchitiș peak, a clearing, and reach Poiana Ineului field. We cross the 2B tourist road and climb towards Vf. Poienii Oștoroș peak (1386 m), leaving behind "Köves" spring. We walked 10 km. Our way following the northern edge of the Oștoroș crater turns to west then to southwest and after 2 km reaches the look out of Vf. Fagul Roșu mountain where we can join the tourist path of the main ridge (blue stripe).

Walking tours: Izvorul Oltului - Fagul Înalt, 8 km, 2 1/2 hours. Súgó cave, 8 km, 2 1/2 hours. Pasul Pângărați, 15 km, 4 hours. Hășmașul Mare mountain, 16 km, 6 hours. Both castle, 3 km, 1 hours. Vârful Prișca, 12 km, 4 hours. Muntele Negru - Izvoarele Mureșului, 12 km, 4 hours.

Gheorgheni - camping no. 4 - Fagului Înalt stream valley - Olt spring

12 km, 4 hours, level difference 400 m.

Mark: blue cross in the valley, red point on the ridge. Easy route. We can travel by bus to the camp no. 4, from there on foot.

Track no. 3 Gheorgheni - Valea Strâmbă - Voșlobeni - Izvorul Mureșului, 20 km.

The track is accessible by car or train.

Walking tours from Izvorul Mureșului

Izvorul Mureșului - Ponk-bükk (1096 m) - Muntele Negru (1538 m) - Maros spring (1350 m) - Meszes stream valley - Izvorul Mureșului, 10 km, 4 hours. The path follows the road with the red cross till Muntele Negru peak. Backwards: no mark.

Izvorul Mureșului - Muntele Negru - Irott-kő (1377 m), 8 km, 4 hours. Till Muntele Negru peak the route is the same as the previous one, from there the Irott-kő is 5 km away.

Izvorul Mureșului - Muntele Negru - "Irott-kő" - Bălan, 15 km, 5 hours.

Izvorul Mureșului - Vf. Grințieș (1123 m), 3 km, 1 hour.

Izvorul Mureșului - vf. Răchițiș (1155 m) the Pârâului Adânc stream valley, 7 km, 2 1/2 hours.

Track no. 4 Gheorgheni - Valea Strâmbă - Heveder - pârâul Heveder - "Súgó" cave, 15 km.

There is no mark, accessible by car.

Track no. 5

Gheorgheni - Valea Strâmbă - Chilieni - Suseni - Pasul Liban peak, 20 km

, level difference 220 m.

We should go by car to the Liban peak, from there we walk to the mountains of Ghiurghiului or Harghita.

Track no. 6 Gheorgheni - Joseni - Borzont - Pasul Bucin - Vf. Saca - Pasul Bucin - Culmea Luminată. We go by car 30 km to the Bucin peak. From Praid is 21 km away, from Gheorgheni 30 km.

Hotels, Motels, Accommodations

Gheorgheni and surroundings

Hotel and restaurant Mureș: rooms with 2 beds, 200 places. Central heating, warm-cold water, parking. Bul. Frăției nr. 5. Telephone: (4)066-161904. Szilágyi hotel and restaurant: rooms with 2 beds, 24 places. Central heating, warm-cold water. Piața Centrală nr. 27. Telephone: 162591. Sport hotel and restaurant: rooms with two-three beds, 46 places. Central heating, cold-warm water, parking. Stadion street no.11. Telephone (4)066-161270. Residence of Salamon Ernő Líceum available in the summer holiday. Accommodation for 80 person, with previous reservation. Str. Lacul Roșu nr. 5. Telephone, secretary: (4)066-161524, accountancy: (4)066-161757. Motel and restaurant 4 Km milestone: rooms with two beds, 34 places. Central heating, cold-warm water, parking. Camping (available only in the summer holiday) 26 wood-houses with 2 beds. Electric light, camping, parking for buses too. Common baths, toilets. 4th km milestone. Telephone : (4)066-161913.

Bucin peak

Hostel near the main road. 16 places on the 2nd floor in rooms with 2-3 beds. Heating with wood, cold water. 3 wood houses near the hostel with 4 rooms in each for 2 persons, totally 24 places (only in the summer, because there are no heating possibilities). The hostel is accessible in all seasons, with parking, camping.


6 km from Gheorgheni. Accommodations for 60 persons at private houses. Low prices. Addresses at the local council.