The Red Lake and its surroundings

Accessibility, accommodation


The Hasmas mountain can be approached from Gheorgheni. This is the easiest way. Here passes the railway no.400 that connects Brasov with Deda, and the main road no.12.

This region can be approached also on the railway no.501 Ciceu - Adjud, which crosses Ghimes region at Lunca de Mijloc, at the southeastern end of the Hasmas mountain.

From the direction of Moldova the region can be approached on the Piatra-Neamt-Bicaz railway (line no.509), from Bicaz we can go by bus.

By car we can come on the road Gheorgheni-Piatra-Neamt (12/C main road), this road touches Lacu Rosu holiday camp and crosses the region, or we can follow the main road no.15 which connects Toplita and Piatra-Neamt, touches the northern side of the mountain at Tulghes, or we can follow the road Miercurea Ciuc - Balan (main road no.12 and 125) and Miercurea Ciuc - Lunca de Mijloc (12/C main road) which touches the southern part of the Hasmas.


Lacu Rosu LAKE

Lacu Rosu motel : It lies in the center of the holyday camp (967 m), rooms with 2-3 beds, apartments with 4, 5 beds, private bath, central heating. The hostel has 80 places. The Lacu Rosu restaurant is suitable for conferences and professional meetings. (Vila Raza Soarelui): It lies near the feet of Fagetului-Ciucului rock walls (965 m), 80 places, central heating, a few rooms have baths. The hostel has a restaurant and a skittle-ground. Vila Bucur lies at 990 m, 56 places, cold-warm water, with restaurant and bar. Cabana Suhard lies at the feet of Suhardul Mic (1090 m), 55 places, heating with wood. The hostel also has a restaurant. Other important villas:Vulturul, Faget, Tusnad, Debarcader Ranova, Caprioara Iasi, Bradut, Bors Ús Kassay, accommodations for10-55persons, heating with wood. Camps: In the summer are available 54 wood houses near the Bucur villa and 10 near the Suhard hostel. Near the wood houses camping possibilities.

Bicaz pass

The old Floarea de Colt villa in the Bicaz pass (km 29) burned down, only the Vila Marta is available, which has 34 places. Near the villa in the summer are available 4 wood houses, and there are also camping possibilities. In Lunca Bisericii village a guesthouse and a supermarket waits for the tourists.

Piatra Singuratica

Piatra Singuratica hostel lies at the foot of Piatra Singuratica (1504 m), 30 places, 10 pallets and 20 iron beds in the habitable rooms. Is recommended to bring sleeping bags. In the hostel there is no electricity, no bath and no bathing conditions.


Popas Turistic km 4 lies at 4 km from Gheorgheni (860 m), 32 places, rooms with 2, 3, 4 beds and central heating. 29 huts belong to the motel, near them camping possibilities..