The Red Lake and its surroundings

Ridge tracks

Track no.1: Pangarat peak (1255) - Saua Deselatului (1375) - under the Kis mountain peak (1375) - under the Licos mountain peak (1385) - Saua Danturas (1248) - under Danturas peak (1378) - Vinkli waste (1445) - Saua Fighesului (1395) - under the Fighesului peak (1488) - under the Vitos mountain (1430) - Ceh graves- Laposului gate (1420) - under Jidan head (1350) - Piciorul Balaj (1291) - Pasul Balaj (1078) - under the Hediess peak (1350) - Chicera (1343) - Pintecului saddle (1090)

Mark: blue stripe Running time: 10 hours Length of track: 29,5 km Level difference: 225 m, difficult in the winter.

This track goes along the northern main ridge of the Hasmas mountain. Is the longest track. In the winter is recommended only for experienced tourists. The starting point of the track is Pangarat peak (1255 m), which lays at 16 km from Gheorgheni and at 10 km from Lacu Rosu, it's crossed by the main road no.12/C. On the peak there is a parking and a bus station (Gheorgheni - Piatra - Neamt bus line). We go up towards north on the main road no.125 (the old Laposului road), which is accessible by car until the Vinkli waste in good weather. The blue stripe and the red stripe go together till the Saua Deselatului. After 30 min walking we can notice the sheepfolds of Nyírcsutak and the ridge of Kis mountain. We pass by two rills. Pangarat peak is 1 km away from the tourist focus point of Saua Deselatului. Here the road goes in 3 different directions: the blue stripe towards Vinkli waste, the red stripe goes along the main ridge of Gheorgheni mountains until the Borsec pass through Deselatului peak Tengheler pass and Chiozrezul Mare mountain (Creanga peak). The yellow cross (track no.24) goes towards Hagota. We continue our way towards northeast from Saua Deselatului on the main road no.125 on 200 m, then the yellow cross, together with the main road descends on the left to the valley of Putna Intunecoasa, the blue point and stripe go together on the Lapos road. After 0,6 km we meet the valley of a small stream, 100 m from here the blue point goes in a different direction towards east to Likas-ko (track no.30). Advancing on the Laposului road after 3 km on the peak of Cupas we meet the mark of the Cupas stream , the blue point. 900 m from the deviation of the track no.6 we reach the ruins of a building on Vinkli waste and we meet the track no.16. From here we should go 200 m to the east in order to see the peak of Vito mountain and the rocks of Ceahlau. We go further on Laposului road, we leave our car here, and begin to descend towards Saua Fighesului , named ,,Temeto" (Graveyard). As the cart road starts to go up suddenly the road bifurcates and we must follow the left branch. Soon we reach the forester landmark PS 1183, after a few min walk we arrive at Fighesului, from where we can see the conical rocks of Vit mountains. After descending 600 m we get above the nyak of Vit mountains and we meet the double blue point. The blue stripe goes to Hagota (track no.23), the double blue point leads to the peak of Vito mountain. We advance towards north (200 m) then the Laposului road turns to the right, then to east. In the curve the road bifurcates, the left branch leads to Sumuleu stream. After a few min walk, on the right we see a spring, down in the valley a forest road. For a while the road goes upwards, then in three different directions. We choose the middle one marked with the blue stripe. Reaching a peak covered by forest we arrive at Lapos gate, from where a cart road descends to the Kupás dens. Our track goes on downwards towards north, then follows a forest road between the streams of Sumuleu and Sugó. We reach a clearing on the Jidan wasteland. Under the Jidan our track goes upwards, then we descend to the Jidan saddle. Here ends the clearing and we go up to the 1351 m peak through a forest. Going down a few hundred m we reach another saddle with a large clearing. Here we can see the clearing of Paltinis (or Fagului) peak, on which we go farther towards the Pasul Balaj (1291 m). We descend along the Bicaz pass to the Suteni village. From the clearing, along the Jidan, we can reach the track no.21. From Paltinis we go towards the Coltul Paltinis (1284). Between the two peaks a saddle separates the Baratul Mare stream from the Jidan stream, from here, after 700 m we reach Piciorul Balaj (1291 m ). Advancing 1,5 km we see a sheepfold, and not far away the cross on the Balázs nyak. We can leave behind the ridge in two directions on the main road no.127/A that crosses Saua Balaj: we can go to the right on track no.21 to Gyergyóbékás, the other track (no.22) leads along the Balaj stream to Tulghes, Putna village. From the mountain nyak our track (blue stripe) continues on a cart road, then goes upwards to the peak of Highes. Under the Highes peak (Poiana Mare, Highesul Ascutit ), on the Highes field the road turns to the east and crosses the Stanii stream. Climbing Highes peak (1502 m) we can see the Ceahlau mountains. Walking 2 km towards east we reach the saddle (1143 m) near the Halas stream, and after rising a few hundred m we enter the forest. We can leave behind the ridge towards south along the Stanii stream reaching Tosorok, or towards north along the Halas stream, reaching the settlements of Pinticului stream. After reaching the forest we won't meet any clearing until the saddle of Pinticului. First we reach the cone of Chiscer (1343 m) then walking on the ridge road we reach the peaks no.1246 and 1224 in 3-4 hours. From the latter we soon arrive to Pinticului saddle which represents the end of our track and also the end of the main ridge of the Hasmas mountain. Here we leave the territory of Transylvania, and here begin the Ceahlau mountains, the "diamond of Moldova". From the saddle of Pinticului we can continue our road in 3 directions: to the right to Bistra stream (track no.20), to the left to Pinticului stream (track no.20), or going ahead on the blue stripe towards the Dochia hostel (5 hours).

Track no.2: Pângăraț peak (1255) - Lóduj saddle (1325) - under the Medias peak (1445) - the wasteland of Calului mountain (1500) - Ciofronca clearing (1550) - Tunzerie saddle (1435) - Alba meadow tourist focus point (1460) - Alba meadow (1500) - Saua Curmatura (1650) - Curmatura saddle (1465) - Piatra Singuratică hostel (1504) - Saua Lososdis (1507) -Saua Ecem (1628) - under the peak of Ecem peak (1690) - Lic saddle (1525) under the Tarcău peak (1418) - Tarcău saddle (1297)

Mark: red stripe Running time: 8 hours Length of track: 22 km Level difference: 435 m, difficult in the winter

We start our route from the Pângăraț peak (1255 m), from the 2/C main road. After 15 min climbing we reach a sheepfold in the Lóduj saddle, from here the road is accessible by car. After walking on a short plain road we start climbing near a cut-over area towards Meggyes peak. After 1,5 km the road turns to the left under the Meggyes peak, and goes towards east to the Ló mountains. Under the Medias starts also the red cross mark and leads to the holiday camp of Izvorul Muresului (6 h), leaving behind Kovács Péter peak, Sărăturii mountain, Coltul Highesului and Muntele Negru. After 800 m walk we reach Calului mountain waste, where under the Calului mountain peak (1584 m) the mark turns towards south. Soon the waste ends and our road rises towards the Ciofronca clearing. After climbing 1,5 km we reach the Ciofronca clearing spring. Here the path is crossed by the track no.10/a. Leaving Ciofronca clearing, after 200 m walk we reach another sheepfold and soon we arrive at the clearing of Tunzeria saddle. Crossing a few pastures we go further 600 m on the main road no.125, then leaving it behind, after 650 m we arrive at Alba meadow tourist focal point. From here we can go further in three directions: following the blue stripe along the valley of Oii stream we can reach Lacu Rosu (track no.10), the blue point leads to Tausor waste touching in its way Paleul reaches the Lacu Rosu holiday camp (track no.9), while the red stripe, following the ridge of Hasmaului mountain leads to Piatra Singuratică, and to the Tarcău saddle. We continue our way towards southeast from the Alba meadow tourist focal point. We reach a mineral water spring. The tourist mark goes near a sheepfold, then rises to Alba meadow. From here towards east we can make a bypass to the Nagy-Teleki-zsomboly (1650 m), also named Ursul pit. This is the largest (57 m) vertical cave of the region. We cross Alba meadow towards south. We reach Küpü stram and from the Küpü ditch towards east we can reach Trei Fântâni and from the Küpü ditch towards east we can reach Trei Fântâni by touching - on an unmarked path - Felso field. We follow then the red stripe leading to Danciás peak. We start to rise, this is the steepest risr of the track which ends at Dantiasul (1655 m) and Hasmasul Mare . From here we can see Bicaz Mic valley, the Piatra Singuratică and Ecem crag. The mark leads 599 m from Saua Curmătura through Curmătura cut-over area, and after two cutves enters the forest. From the forest spot (600 m long) we can see the Olt valley and the Voslobeni mountains. Soon we descend in the saddle of Curmătura which separates the waters of Mare stream and Lazar stream. In the saddle we find a spring. Passing by the western wall of Piatra Singuratică, after 15 min we arrive to the hostel. We can go further in different directions. The blue dtripe touching Nyíres-sarok, leads to Balan (track no.25), the red triangle, passing near the valley of Szép stream, also leads to Balan (track no.26), the mark of the main ridge - the red stripe - reaches Tarcău saddle by crossing Ecem peak and continues till the main ridge of Ciucului mountains. We follow the red stripe. We go around the southern wall of Piatra Singuratică and reach a spring. After walking 400 m we reach Lososdis nyak between Pásztor-ko and Piatra Singuratică, then the path leads towards east near a rock. From here we climb a steep slope covered by forest, and reach a mountain pasture named the top of Öcsém. From here we can make a bypass towards the edge of the rock where the look out of Öcsém peak is (1707 m). Going further towards southeast we go through a forest, then we arrive to the clearing of Lic saddle (1525 m). We follow a cart road on the eastern side of the ridge until we reach Tarcău meadow. After 1,5 km we arrive at the eastern side of Vârful Stâncilor peak . We must descend another 900 m in order to reach Tarcău meadow in the saddle of Tarcău.