The Red Lake and its surroundings

Tracks of Bicazului pass

Track no.16: Bicazului pass (850) - the bottom of Cupas (1080) - the back meadow of Cupas - Saua Cupas k (1275) - the front meadow of Cupas - under the Danturas peak (1500) - Vinkli waste (1445)

Mark: red point Running time: 4-5 hours Length of track: 8,5 km Level difference: 650 m, télen nehezen járható.

We start from the 29 km mark of the road of Bicaz pass. We meet the red cross mark in a small clearing (track no.7). From here we follow the path and after a few minutes we reach the back meadow of Cupas. From here we can see the Csíki-Bükk and the Lacu Rosu mountain. We go upwards and we reach the forester landmark VIII/430 on Cupas nyak, where we can find the red triangle mark that comes from the glen of Lapos stream. We walk on the ridge between Cupas Mic and Lapos streams, after 1 km we reach the front meadow of Cupas. Here we find a spring. The path rises now and enters the woods. We are now on the southeastern side of Cupas-Tuhard (1518 m). After 20 min the path goes to the right and we find a spring here. The path goes around the spring of Danturas stream. We are on o ridge now and after 700 m we are near the Danturas peak (1519 m). After 600 m descending we reach the cart road which goes along the edge of the cut-over area near the Lapos valley. After 20 min we reach the Vinkli waste. The marks are defective here; we should follow the forester landmarks 394, 392, 404, 390, 274 and 389 along the ridge. At the ruins of a building in Vinkli waste we reach the blue stripe mark of track no.1 which leads to the Pangarat peak, or to the Chiscer mountain.

Track no.17: Bicaz pass (850) - Lapos pass- Cupas dens- Saua Cupas (1275) - Bicaz pass (850) (round track)

Marks: red triangle, red point from the Cupas nyak Running time: 3 hours Length of track: 5 km Level difference: 425 m, difficult in the winter.

We start from the 29 km mark of the road of Bicaz pass. We follow the red triangle which goes towards northeast. After 200 m we reach a waterfall of the Lapos stream. After 600 m we reach the wall of Lapos-Kucsma, on the other bank of the stream we see the Piatra Altarului. After a while we arrive to the canyon of Lapos stream. We reach the wall of Cupas. From the top we descend to the stream of Cupas. We follow the stream and reach the end of the pass. Near the dens of Cupas the path turns to the left (west). After 500 m we turn to the left (south) and climb to the forester landmarkVIII/430 of Saua Cupas (1275 m). We descend on the back meadow of Cupas along the path with red point mark and we reach the starting point of our track.

Track no.18: Bicaz pass (850) - Tifra saddle (1002) - look out of Sud wall (1060) - Piatra Maria (look out) (1048)

Mark: yellow triangle, unmarked from the Tifra saddle Running time: 1,1/2 hours Length of track: 2,5 km Level difference: 210 m, accessible in all seasons

We start from the Bicaz pass, from the old place of Gyopár villa. We walk along the Mic serpentine and we reach the ending point of the cart road marked with yellow triangle. We follow the yellow triangle mark and we reach the Tifra saddle. From here we climb towards northeast on a trail. Reaching the plateau on the top we find a path from where on the east we see the Bicaz Mic glen. This is the look out of the Sud Wall (1060 m). After descending from the plateau we reach a saddle (1021 m). From here we walk 200 m to northeast and reach the look out of Piatra Maria on the peak of Nordest wall (1048 m). From here we can see the estuary of Bicazul Mic stream.

Track no.19: Bicaz Chei village (660) - Munticel cave (850)

Mark: unmarked Running time: 1/2 hour Length of track: 1 km Level difference: 190 m, easy, short tour

We start from Bicaz Chei village, from the 34+100 km landmark of the 12/C main road. Here is a bus station too (Gheorgheni-Piatra-Neamt bus line). From here we can see the stairs on the eastern side of Piatra Glod. After almost 400 stairs we continue our way on a cart road. After a few min we reach a horizontal field. After 200 m rising we reach another horizontal field. After a few min walk on the cart road we reach the path which leads to the springs, and after that we reach the fence which separates the hay fields and the pastures. We leap over the fence and after a few min rise we reach the rocky terrace at the entrance of the cave.