Borsec, Toplita and their surroundings

Accessibility, accomodations

Means of access

The Borsec basin is easy to access from Toplita on the main road no. 15. Toplita can be approached by train (main line no.400), respectively by car from the direction of Gheorgheni, on the main road no.12.


Toplita: Kelemen (Caliman) hotel and restaurant, 140 places in rooms with two beds. Central heating, cold and warm water. Telephone: (4)066-142943.

Toplita Bánffy bath (Bradul). They can offer accommodations for 40 persons in small houses made of wood.

Borsec: Transilvania hotel and restaurant. Telephone: (4)066-142142.

Borsec Hétforrás camp, houses made of wood, camping possibilities, parking space, snack-bar.

Borsec Horpatak camp, beside the road that leads to Tulghes. Houses made of wood, camping possibilities, parking, snack-bar.

Secu hostel, Sportivilor street. Telephone: (4)066-141693.

Tourists can make inquiries in Borsec on the following addresses: SCAT Borsec, Sapte Izvoare street (7 Izvoare) no. 19. Telephone: (4)066-137 638, 137 006, 137 255.

Local council, str. Principala Mainstrret, no.13. Telephone: (4)066-137 001.