Borsec, Toplita and their surroundings

Tracks of Borsec


Tracks: central pavilion (890 m) - Fagului mountain (1309 m) Length of track: 4,0 km Level differences: 420 m Running-time: going 1 1/2 hours, back coming 1 hour Road mark: red point Important: the track is accessible in the summer and also in the winter.

The description of the track: our track starts from the spring no. 1. of Borsec bath (near the central pavilion) and turns at the foot of the Kisbükk mountain towards north. It crosses a road, then leaving behind on the left the 24 villa goes up between pines and beech trees, then after 50 minutes we reach a pen in front of which there is a hostel and on the right two dwelling-houses. We need another 20 minutes in order to reach a pasture, from where on the north we can see the mark of the Fagului mountain's peak. On the south there is the basin of Borsec, beyond it we can see the peaks of Köz-Rez mountain and Nagy-Hagymás. On the west there is the Arcoza hill covered with forests, on the north the Bilbor basin with the surrounding mountains: Magura hill , Alunis, the ridge of Harlagi peak , a Kis-Széples, Cibles and the Budacu. Far away beyond the valley of Bistrita on northeast we can see the Stânisoarei mountains , on the southeast the peaks of Ceahlau. From the peak of Fagului mountain towards southwest on the 2. track (mark: red stripe) we can reach the Arcoza hill; the road towards north no. 24. leads to the Naureasca ridge through the Cserbükk peak and the Rachitis region (mark: red point), the road no.25. leads to Bilbor (mark: yellow stripe), the track no. 3. goes towards north (mark: yellow point) and ends through the Mezovesti ridge at the Bistricioarei curve.


Track: Fagului mountain (1309 m) - Arcoza hill - Hanc--ker fielad (1120 m) - Csalósarok (1220 m) - Creanga hill (1100) - Köz-Rez-nyaka - Chiozrezul Mare mountain (1492 m) - Bâtca Rotundă (1312 m) - Tulghes village (640 m)

Length of track: 40 km Level difference: 1300 m Running-time: going 13 hours; back coming 13 hours Road mark: red stripe Important: in the summer easy to approach. In the winter only with skies. The track is long approx. two days.

The road descends from the peak of Fagului mountain to the saddle of Fagului mountain (the trees are marked by mistake with red points instead of red stripes). After climbing the next peak we reach the Hancker field. We turn towards southwest under the Arcoza hill. On the meadow of the mountain we reach the road no. 21 marked with a blue triangle. This path connects Csalo clearing with the meadow of Arcoza hill. This path goes on the mountain saddle through meadows and clearings until the next saddle, and then crosses a forest and after approx. 2 km reaches a cut-over area, finally turns to south and reaches the Creanga hill and the Stâna din Caliman hostel. We pass near the camping and leave behind on east the Kerek-Butka, we reach the foresters' lodge on a clearing. We go further along the saddle of the mountain and not on the cart-road. After walking an hour we reach another clearing, from here we climb the Sarmas peak (1395 m). At 300 meters from the saddle of Sarmas mountain we can see the Sarmas sheepfold. Turning to the right reaches the Chiozrezu Mic mountain pass. We cross the mountain road no. 19 (mark: blue stripe), which comes from Bor valley and leads to Ditrau. The path on the saddle goes to the Taslau hostel. The marked road turns to southeast under the peak of Chiozrezu Mic mountain (1336 m), we go along the forest untill the Tompa clearing, then we climb the Chiozrezu mountain (1494 m) till the mark-board. We walk down to the saddle of the mountain we reach the mountain road no. 9. (mark: yellow stripe) and from here we approach the saddle of "Hosszúnyak" and the Rachitis peak. Turning to southeast we meet the Rivo cattle pen, a worker lodge and a stable. On this place named Lükkeno meets the mountin road 2.12 and 13. In Lükkeno goes also the mountain road no.14, which comes from Putna Mare village across the ridge of Meleg fielad and Magas-bükk. We turn back to the mountain road no. 13 through the meadow under the Mare peak (mark: red triangle), we cross the Mare stream and go up to Macskalyuk (35 minutes). From here we walk on a path that reaches Rivo-bükk peak (1382 m). We walk around Balhó peak and we reach Hármashatár and we go to east. From the saddle of the mountain we climb the peak of Crucii mountain (1386 m), then the Rezu Mare peak (1147 m), and we descend to Rezu Mic peak (1047 m). We see some houses and a spring. this is the end of our track, so we go through houses towards a school in Tulghes village, where we reach the main road no. 15.


Track: Vf. Faget (1309 m) - Poiana Mezovesti - Bistricioara (790 m)

Length of track: 10 km, Level difference: 310 m Running time: going 3 hours; back coming 3 1/2 hours Road mark: yellow point Important: in the summer easy road, in the winter is recommended for skiers.

Description of the track: the path on the Fagului mountain goes to northeast on the saddle. We can see the Calimani mountain, the Pietros peak and the ridge of the Kelemen-forrás peak and Calimani peak. After 600 m on the right we notice the Cupele sheepfold at the spring of the Rece stream. After an hour we pass near Tifrea lodge and we climb the Mezovesti peak (1397 m), than we descend to the saddle of Mezovesti mountain, we go across a forest and a saddle and finally we reach through the serpentines of Bistricioara valley the foresters' lodge.


Track: Sapte Izvoare (870 m) - Poiana Mezovesti (1290 m)

Length of track: 5 km. Level difference: 420 m. Running time: going 2 1/2 hours; back coming 2 hours Road mark: red cross Important: in the summer easy road, in the winter is recommended only for skiers

Description of the track: We start from Sapte Izvoare, we turn to west and reach the Sapte Izvoare clearing. Leaving behind the pen that we met, we turn to northeast we reach a clearing after 10 minutes. We continue our way through a forest that leads to Mezovesti field. At northwest we can see the Bilbor basin, the ridge of Naureasca and Calimani mountains. Turning to the left we can easily reach Vf. Fagului.


Track: Sapte Izvoare (870 m) - Cupele stream estuary

Length of track: 7 km. Level difference 10 m Running time: going 2 hours; back coming 2 hours Mark: blue cross Description: easy walk in the summer, in the winter only for skiers

Description of track: we go towards the forest at the gate of Sapte Izvoare, and then we go on a trodden path on the left bank of Cupele stream. After ˝ hour walk we reach a meadow. We continue our way in pine forests and after 30 min we reach the Rece stream estuary. The track goes further through forest spots and clearings and after another 30 min at the 1,7 km mark we arrive at the valley of CApul Corbului and Bistricioara, on its right side a mountain slope goes along (7. track) on which we can turn back to Borsec. If we choose to go back by car there is a main road in the valley of Vinul Mare stream. The mark of the main road no. 7 is the red triangle.


Track: Sapte Izvoare alley (900 m) - Dosul Biciului ridge (970 m) -road of Vinului valley (750 m)

Length of track: 4 km. Level difference 80 m Running time: going 1 1/2 hours; coming back 1 1/2 hours Mark: yellow cross Description: easy track in the summer, in the winter only for experienced tourists

Description of track: the marked road leads from the 41 villa and the 4. restaurant towards northeast through a forest. After 20 min walk a slight slope follows, then the Caprioara clearing . Crossing the clearing we pass near a stream, then climb up to a clearing situated on the ridge of Dosul Biciului. At the intersection we turn to the right, descend 10 min, then we look for the marked path on the right and we go down on the mountain slope. We reach the asphalt road of Vinului Mare stream.


Track: Sports ground of Borsec (920 m) - Dosul Biciului ridge (1000 m) - Capul Corbului (745 m)

Length of track: 6 km. Level difference 365 m Running time: going 2 1/2 hours; coming back 3 hours Mark: red triangle Description: accessible in the summer, in the winter only for experienced tourists and hunters

Description of track: The track begins at the gate of the sports ground and leads 15 min through a pine forest, we reach Secu clearing , then the Kerekszék peak. We enter the forest again after 20 min, and go on the ridge until we reach a clearing and the forest road no. 6 (yellow cross), and we go further on the path to the left. Walking on the serpentines at the church of Capul Corbului, we reach the Bistricioara valley. We go back on one of the described tracks to Borsec.


Track: Sports ground of Borsec (920 m) - Filip Andrei stream estuary (775 m) - Rîpa Corbului stream (1020 m)

Length of track: 7 km Level difference: 245 m Running time: going 3 hours; back coming 2 1/2 hours Mark: blue cross Description: accessible in the summer, in the winter only for experienced tourists and skiers

Description of track: We start from the south part of the sports ground, we reach Vinului valley, we cross the main road no. 15, the stream and go further on the forest road of Filip Andrei valley towards southeast. 800 m from the Filip Andrei stream estuary we enter the forest and advance 2,5 km on the serpentines till we reach the Filip Andrei lake. From here we reach the valley of Corbul Lung by crossing a cut-over area and the mountain of Corbul stream. Here the track intersects the road no. 9 (yellow stripe), then crosses a ravine and reaches the ridge of Chiozrezului mountains. From here ramifies to the west the forest road no. 16 (red triangle), on which we can reach the peak of Sec hill.


Track: Capul Corbului (725 m) - Rîpa Corbului stream (1020 m) - Chiozrezul mountain ridge (1492 m)

Length of track: 15 km Level difference: 912 m Running time: going 5 hours; coming back 5 1/2 hours Mark: yellow stripe Description: In the summer is an exhausting track due to its length, in the winter only for skiers

Description of track: the track begins at the church of Capul Corbului from the main road no. 15, and passes near houses and gardens, then turning to south leads to Corbului peak, reaches a clearing, climbs the Tandaras peak, then goes further on the ridge of the mountain towards southeast. We reach the Coltul Preluca 1,5 km after leaving the peak, when we notice a wood-house and a sheepfold. We arrive at Culmea Preluca (1171 m), we descend, then we climb again, and reaching Corbului peak we turn to south in order to reach (after 1,5 km) the blue cross that leads to Corbul stream. The described track takes 3 hours on foot. Going further we descend to the meeting point of Scurt and Long stream. We turn to east, we cross the road and Corbul stream and continue our way on serpentines towards south until we reach Chiozrez mountain (1244 m). On its southern side there is a hunters' lodge. The road leads further across the path of Hosszúnyak ridge to the Rachitis peak (1261 m). We enter the forest again and near the intersection of the paths we turn to the left, climb the ridge of Chiozrezul Mare mountain, reach a pen near the saddle and follow the forest road no. 2 (red stripe). We can rest at the Rivo cattle pan or at Lükkeno (2, 13 tracks, see the map).


Track: Borsec bath, policlinic (850 m) - Hancker stream - Hancker meadow (1120 m)

Length of track: 4 km Level difference: 270 m Running time: going 2 hours; coming back 1 1/2 hours Mark: blue point Description: in the summer it's a pleasant track, hard in the winter

Description of track: we start at the poiclinic of Borsec bath, we pass by on the right the Balcescu spring(no. 9), we reach a trodden path on which we go towards northwest and we reach a valley. After 1,6 km we enter mthe forest, then after 200 m we pass near a limestone mine. We reach a wood-house and continue our way on a forest path (3 km), leaving behind on the left the stream. We go along the path towards west, at the intersection we turn to the right. After a 20 min walk we reach the red point mark, then a large clearing. At 1,5 km from the edge of the forest there is an indicator. The clearing is crossed by the track no. 2 that leads through Fagului mountain - Faget- Cranga peak . Turning to the west from the clearing we reach a valley that leads to Secu village.


Track: co-operative workshops of Borsec (876 m) - Nadas valley- Vf. Fagului mountain (1309 m)

Length of track: 4 km Level difference: 440 m Running time: going 2 hours; back coming 1 1/2 hours Mark: blue stripe Description: pleasant in the summer, in the winter only for skiers

Description of track: the road leads to the peak of Fagului mountain through the Nadas valley. We start at the workshops (I.G.O.) of Borsec and go down in the valley on a forest path. After 20 min we leave behind a spring, after 35 min the path bifurcates. On the left we can reach Fagului mountain- Arcoza ridge (red point), on the right the Fagului mountain saddle and peak, which is our track. We go to the right through a forest and we reach a spring at the estuary of Csermely stream. After 15 min we arrive at the peak of Fagului mountain (1309 m). Here two roads meet: the road coming from Bilbor, a Naureasca ridge, Mezovesti ridge, a Sapte Izvoare, a Nadas valley, a Borsec (across Fagului Mic mountain) and the road that leads to the Arcoza ridge towards southwest.