Borsec, Toplita and their surroundings

Ttracks of Bilbor


Track: Fagului mountains (1309 m) - Fagul Ciobotului peak (1254 m) - the road below Rachitis settlement (900 m) - Obcina peak (1387 m) - Morii crag (1380 m) - Piatra field (1380 m) - Toplicioarei field (1465 m) - Tulghes sheepfold (1410 m) - La Coada Vacii hostel (1305 m)

The length of the track: 26 km Level difference: 870 m Running time: going 10 hours, coming back 9 hours Mark: red point Important: in the summer the road is very long and exhausting, but extremely beautiful, we recommend it only for experienced tourists. In the winter we recommend the track only for experienced skier tourists and for hunters.

The description of the track: the track which links Borsec bath and the Caliman mountains begins at the saddle of the Fagului mountain. We can get here by following the tracks no.1 or 23. We go down on the northwest side of the saddle on a large path, through a century old beech forest, and we reach the Fagul Ciobotului clearing. Leaving the sheepfold on the right we will find on a tree the yellow stripe mark, (road no. 25) that leads towards Bilbor, across the valley of Rachitis Mare. But we must look for a red point, which is the mark that leads towards the real purpose of our track. We reach the forest and we climb towards the Fagul Ciobotului peak, which is covered by pine trees (1254 m). Then we descend 1,5 km, then one km to south, and finally turning to west at the 5 km mark, under the Rachitis, we reach the Kránga mouth, and the Bilbor village road. On this road we go towards Bilbor and after 350 m we arrive to a clear place, from where we go further towards west on a path. After two kilometers (under the Egeres) we arrive to a cattle pen. Following the path and walking round the Arinisul peak, we arrive to Ciungi peak (1345 m), from where a magnificent view opens to the Bilbor basin. From here the orientation is very simple. We follow the marked path on the ridge, we walk 6 km in northeast direction on the Naureasca ridge. After a 1,5 km towards Obcina peak we reach the 1387 latitude, where we meat the track no. 27 which comes from Hurdugasului valley, then after 1,2 km we meet the track no.29. These tracks link Bilbor to the Calimani mountains through the valley of Toplica- and Voievodeasa stream. Towards northeast the forest path leads to Bilbor village. Descending the Obcina peak, after one hour walking, we find a large pasture on the right and a cut-over area on the left. Continuing our trip we arrive at La Mori crag . Near the track no. 32 which comes from Vacaria field, right after leaving the forest, on the left side we find a stream. From here Piatra field is only 200 m away. Paths lead from here to a few valleys: the valley of Voivodesii stream , and the valley of Toplicioarei (northwest). On Piatra field we advance towards northwest on a beautiful forest path and after walking 1,7 km we arrive to the saddle of Poiana Toplicioarei field () (1465 m), where we meet the track no.29 which comes from Valea Voivodesiistream and Toplicioarei valley (road mark: a blue triangle). From Toplicioara field advancing towards northwest, on the road marked with a red point we reach the watershed situated between Bitca Stejii peak and the Baret ridge ( Baret hill). Then we reach (through forest spots and large clearings) Steja Mica field. We cross the forest and descend towards Stejii field through a cut-over area (1410 m at the sheepfold). On the pine-trees we find blue stripe marks. The track no.26, which comes from the valley of Vajda stream (Valea Voivodesei), ends here. We continue our trip towards north following the red point mark, which leads us on the forest road in the valley of Sec Neagra through a splendid valley. Leaving the forest road, after 20 minutes walk we arrive to a beautiful clearing. A little higher we find the La Coada Vacii hostel.


Track: Fagul Ciobotului clearing (1170 m) - Valley of Rachitis - Leonte hill - Bilbor village (880 m)

The length of the track: 8 km Level difference: 160 m Running time: going 2 1/2 hours, back coming 2 1/2 hours Road mark: blue stripe Important: the track is accessible in the summer, in the winter is recommended only for skiers.

The description of the track: From the saddle of the Fagului mountain we go down to the Fagul Ciobotului clearing ( red point mark ) on a large road surrounded by centuries old beech trees. Our track goes on a ridge-path through a pine forest. After twenty minutes walk a stream crosses our way (drinkable water), and after another sixty minutes we reach Rachitis stream and a narrow railway under the Rachitis settlement. This railroad used to transport from Borsec to Toplita the bottled mineral water. We cross the lines and the stream, and we arrive to a meadow; on the left side we can see two foresters' lodges and garden. After another 5 minutes we reach a forest road, which links Rachitis village with the Valley of Bistricioarei. We cross this road and continue our trip on a path that leads to the Leonte hill. After crossing the forest we leave behind the Irimesti mountain, we go further and we reach Bilbor at the mouth of Sestina stream. After ten minutes we are in the center of the village..


Track: the school no. 2 in Bilbor (895 m) - Valley of Valea Fundoaia - Lupilor stream - Vacaria field (Poiana Vacaria) (1264 m) - path to the saddle of Morii crag (1340 m)

The length of the track: 8 km Level difference: 450 m Running-time: going 3 hours; back coming 2 1/2 hours Road mark: blue point Important: in the summer the road is accessible, in the winter only for skiers

The description of the track: We start our trip from the school no.2 which is situated in the center of Bilbor. After 1,8 km we will see down in the valley a few springs and an old basin. After leaving the houses we go further on the forest road, and after 4 km we pass by the E.K. hostel and we continue our way in Farkas Valley untill the 5 km mark. We reach a bifurcation: the left road leads to Morii ridge, the right one, (our path), goes up through the forest to the Vacaria field. We pass by a sheepfold - in the north direction appears the Vacaria peak - we continue our trip towards north through a forest road, which crosses a clearing. On the left we can see a forest, and on the right near the Opticioara peak (1436 m) we enter the forest and we meet the road with the red point mark, and we reach the sheepfold situated on Pietroasa field.


Track: the center of Bilbor (895 m) - Borcut mouth (970 m) - the mouth of Rece stream (895 m) - Alunis saddle (1297 m) - Neagra Valley - Dragaioasa village (1040 m)

The length of the track: 12 km Level difference: 412 m Running time: going 3 1/2 hours, back coming 3 1/2 hours Road mark: blue stripe Important: in the summer we can go on the forest road 6,5 km till the mouth of Rece stream. From there we continue our walk on the forest exploitation road and on the forest path. In the winter the track is recommended only for skiers.

The description of the track: we begin our walking-tour from the center of Bilbor and we go towards north. The first side-road on the left leads to Fundoaia, to the spring. Going to the right we can reach Rusilor stream, the camp and the Bistricioarei lido. This part of the village is called Bilbor de Sus by the locals. About 2,2 km away on the right ramifies the Vaman forest road (track no. 35). After another 3 km towards north ramifies the road of Dobreanu valley, which leads to the Vacaria field. Leaving behind the village after 3,3 km on the right we find a cart-road, which is called the road of Drumul Rusilor. After 4 km a road ramifies to the left, which passes near a stone mine towards the Dobreanu peak. Near the 4,5 km mark (left), at the mouth of Borcut ramifies the Borcut forest road, which leads towards the Magura Cocorii peak and towards the Paltinis peak . After 6,7 km we reach the Racila road; this going toward west meets the Rece mountain bifurcation. Our track continues towards north on a tractor road. 5 km from Hideg stream there is the end of the road. A path ramifies to the left, which goes towards the Bursucaria sheepfold. We go further on the path, leaving behind on the left an untenanted hostel. There we find a clearing and a few forest spots, and we reach a waste on the Alunisului saddle, which lies between the Mogyorós peak and Dragoiasa. From here we descend to Neagra Brostenilor valley . Going towards northwest we reach Dragoiasa.


Track: the mouth of Borcut stream (970 m) - Borcut valley - Magura ridge - Vf. Magura peak (1503 m)

The length of the road: 7 km Level difference: 585 m Running time: going 3 hours, back coming 2 1/2 hours Road mark: blue triangle (hard to observe) Important: in the summer only experienced tourists should go on this track, in the winter only skiers.

Description of the track: this track begins from the Bilbor - Alunisului road, from the 4,5 km mark, at the mouth of Borcut stream. The first part of the track follows a forest road in the valley. At the 2 km mark a path ramifies. After a few km we reach a clearing. We continue our walk in forests and pastures, and after 3,8 km we reach a bifurcation. The right road leads to Iavor field, where we can find a hunters' lodge. We pass near Borcut stream towards west and we reach a clearing. From here we arrive to the ridge of Magura Cocora peak (1503 m).


Track: Vaman forest road (920 m) - the saddle of Vaman clearing (1245 m) - Neagra Brosteni valley - the mouth of Ciutac stream (885 m)

The length of the track: 7 km Level difference: 336 m Running time: going 3 hours, back coming 2 1/2 hours Road mark: blue cross. Important: in the summer can be approached even by car. In the winter only with skies.

The description of the track: We start from Bilbor de Sus, from the 2 km mark, from the mouth of Vaman stream. We go a few hundred km between houses on the forest road to northeast, then we walk across reaps, clearings, forest spots, and finally across a mixed forest. We pass near the lodge of forest workers, which is on a clearing. After a short walk we meet the foresters' lodge. We climb approx. 700 m in the forest then we reach an untenanted wood house, which stays at the end of the forest road. From here a path leads to right, to a clearing, to the Ciutac valley. But the marked road leads to the left. We go across a forest spot and we reach a large clearing. We can see at the right a sheepfold and a small wood house. Up on the ridge we can notice the look out tower with the hunters' lurking-place. From there we can see the Neagra Brostenilor valley , the Vf. Luparia peak , Harlagii, Muncel, Cibles. From the peak we go towards southeast on the path that goes along the ridge and after 500 m we descend on a path to the mouth of Ciutac stream (21), in the valley of Neagra Brostenilor, where we can see a few houses.


Track: the mouth of Strajii stream (925 m) - Luparia ridge () (1350 m) - the mouth of Ciutac stream (885 m) The length of the track: 7 km Level differences: 425 m Running time: going 3 hours, back coming 2 3/4 hours Road mark: red point (hard to see) Important: in the summer is accessible, in the winter is a hard track - only by skies.

The description of the track: We begin our trip in Bilbor, from the 1,3 km mark at the center of the village, at the Strajii stream, we continue towards left on a path that leads to the pens, then to northeast on a ridge path and after a short walk we reach Piciorul Lupariei, this is the foot of the mountain with the same name, from where the road leads across pine forests. After a while we reach the Strajii clearing, we go across two clearings of Luparia, than we climb the peak with the same name. (1412 m) We descend in the saddle to the track 30., on which going to northeast we reach the Ciutac valley, than the road of Neagra Brostenilor valley .


Track: the mouth of Tiganilor stream (880 m) - Tiganilor peak - Harlagii ridge - Smida Boului field (1472 m)

The length of the track: 4 km Level differences: 595 m Running time: going 2 1/2 hours, back coming 2 hours Road mark: yellow point (hard to see) Important: in the summer is accessible, in the winter only with skies.

The description of the track: At Bilbor camp there is the mouth of Tiganilor stream. The track starts from here on a path on the left side, between pens towards the Dealul Tiganilor hill (), after 1,1 km we enter the forest and we continue our way towards northeast, then after a 3 km we go through forest spots and clearings and through the Harlagi ridge we reach the (Harlagii) Smida Boului peak. Towars east we reach the Harlagi peak.


Track: the mouth of Huruba stream (830 m) - Harlagii saddle (1560 m) - the mouth of Pârâul Rece stream (840 m)

The length of track: 10 km Level difference: 730 m Running-time: going5 hours, bac coming4 1/2 hours Road mark: yellow cross Important: in the summer is accessible, in the winter only for a s kiers.

The description of the track: We start from the mouth of Huruba stream, at the workers' lodge, and we go 3,2 km and we reach the Huruba slope. At the second side rill we turn to the right, near the sheepfold we arrive to a meadow and we reach the track no.30 (mark: red stripe). We continue our way on a trodden path toward northwest then on a steep slope towards Harlagii peak (1581 m). Before reaching the peak a path descends near the mountain foot through a forest to the mouth of Rece stream, to the Neagra Bostenilor valley, where we find a few houses.