Borsec, Toplita and their surroundings

Tracks of Tulghes

Track no.20: Bicazu Ardelean (575) - Jidan stream (615) - estuary of Bistra stream (660) - Bistra stream (740) - the estuary of the Bistra Mica (810) - Pinticului saddle (1090) - Pinticului stream (670)

Marks: blue stripe, red triangle from the estuary of Bistra Mica Length of track: 7 hours Length of track: 20 km Level difference: 515 m, difficult in the winter

The marks start from the center of Bicazu Ardelean, from the estuary of Bicaz river and Jidan stream. The track starts from the 127/A main road. We see here three churches: a Roman Catholic, an Orthodox and an Adventist church. Going up along the valley of Jidan we reach the mayor's office of Bicazu Ardelean. From this point we walk 2,5 km on the asphalt road, then we continue our way on a cart road. From the end of the main road we reach the bifurcation of Bistra stream in 20 min, where a metallic board indicates the direction towards Dochia hostel. We turn to the right and following the 138 main road we cross the Bistra stream and we reach the houses of Bistra. 3,3 km from the bifurcation we see a concrete basin in the water of Bistra; here is the meeting point of Átszakadt stream and Bistra. Leaving behind the houses we enter the woods. After a while we reach the estuary of Stan stream. At the lower side of the clearing there is the meeting point of the two Bistra (Mic and Mare). We find here an indicator. The blue stripe leads along the Bistra Mare stream and reaches the Dochia hostel of the Ceahlau mountain (4 1/2 h). The red triangle mark begins from the estuary of the two Bistra and after 900 m reaches a meadow. After 600 m rising we are near the Pinticului saddle. Here we find the blue stripe mark (the mark of the northern main ridhe of the Hasmas). The two marks go together until the Pinticului saddle that is between Kis-Cser and Tábla peak. From here the blue stripe goes towards Dochia hostel of the Ceahlau mountain, the red triangle goes towards northwest along a side stream of Pinticului stream and after 15 min reaches the Pinticului stream. Ee find here the forest road. After 1,5 km walk we reach the estuary of the Halas stream, and we reach an inhabited area. From the chapel of the village we walk 2,3 km and reach the 15 main road that links Toplita with the accumulation lake of Bicaz. Tulghes is 6 km away.

Track no.21: Bicazu Ardelean (575) - Jidan stream (615) - Telek (680) - Tosorok (720) - the estuary of Stanii stream (780) - Pasul Balaj (1078)

Marks: blue stripe, unmarked from the estuary ao a Bistra stream Length of track: 4 1/2 hours Length of track: 13,5 km Level difference: 503 m, accessible in all seasons.

The first marked part of the track goes together with the track no.20. From the estuary of the Bistra stream we go along the Jidan stream among the houses of Telek, on the 127/A main road. After 30 min walk we arrive to Tosorok village. We find here a cave that can be approached by going along the Jgheabul cu Gaura valley (20 min). After Tosorok we continue our way along the valley of Jidan. After 600 m we reach the cross at the estuary of Stanii stream. From here we can follow the road that goes northwards (the road of Stanii stream), and we can reach the southern foot of Hegyes mountain. We go along the Jidan stream. In the valley, at the estuary of Radu stream we find a hostel (La Radu). One km from here, at another cross the road leaves the valley of Jidan and goes along a side stream of Jidan stream. Fter 30 min walk we reach the cross at the Pasul Balaj. From here we can go along the main ridge either to the Hegyesmountain or to the Pangarat peak (track no.1), or we can descend along the Balázs stream to Tulghes (trac no.22).

Track no.22: Tulghes (Putna) (698) - Pasul Balaj (1078)

Mark: unmarked Length of track: 1 1/2 hours Length of track: 5 km Level difference: 380 m, accessible in all seasons.

We start from Putna village of Tulghes, from the meeting point of the Putna and Balaj streams (4,5 km). We go along the 127/A main road. This road connects Tulghes and Bicazu Ardelean. After the houses the road enters the forest. After a while we reach the cross of Pasul Balaj (1078 m). From here we can go in three different direcrions: on the 127/A main road towards Tosorok (track no.21), to the left following the blue stripe, touching Hegyes, towards Pinticului saddle (track no.1), to the right following the blue stripe (track no.1).

Track no.23: Hagota (795) - Subcetate pasture (1250) - Vito mountain peak (1609)

Mark: blue stripe, double blue point from the Vit mountain peak Length of track: 4 hour Length of track: 7,5 km Level difference: 814 m, difficult in the winter.

We start from the center of Hagota. From the 20 km mark of the 127 main road we follow the 125 main road along the Putna Intunecoasa stream towards south. In a few minutes we reach a bifurcation: we follow the road that turns to the left. After 550 m, at the end of the road we turn to the southeast. We enter the woods. We go along the Filer stream on a cart road, ad after a while we climb to the mountain foot between Fighesului and Filer streams. We go across the hay field named ,,Lackó Gyula helye", then we turn to the east and enter the woods. After 700 m we reach the pasture of Subcetate. We walk 1,5 km on the pasture. Leaving behind the pasture, we turn to the southeast, we enter the woods and we go across the Koalja, the southern slope of the Vit mountain. After 2 km walk we reach the Vito mountin, where we find the double blue point mark. From here, after 700 m we reach the peak (1609 m).

Track no.24: Hagota (795) - Putna Intunecoasa valley- the estuary of Fighesului stream (828) - the estuary of Deselatului stream (924) - Laposului road- Saua Deselatului (1375)

Mark: yellow cross Length of track: 4 1/2 hours Length of track: 13,5 km Level difference: 580 m, accessible in all seasons.

This track follows the main road. We start from the center of Hagoto. We climb on the wide mountain foot between Putna Intunecoasa and Putna Noroioasa and we reach the belfry. We go by the graveyard, and we reach a bifurcation at the edge of the forest. One of the roads goes up on the mountain foot between Tisasi and Putna Noroioasa. The other cart road goes around the graveyard, and goes to the south parallel with the 125 main road. We follow this cart road and we descend to the estuary of Tisasi stream and reach the 125 main road. There is a hunters' lodge at the estuary of the Tisasi stream. From here we walk 550 m and we reach the estuary of Fighesului stream. Following the forest road of Fighesului we walk 2,1 km and we reach the estuaries of Fighesului and Fighesului Mic stream. From here we follow the path on the mountain foot between the two streams and we reach the Fighesului mountain. From here, according to the description of track no.1, we can approach the Vito mountain. From the Fighesului stream estuary we walk along pine forests, on the right there is the Tisasi and on the left the Balmos. Next we reach the estuary of the Deselatului stream (3,7 km from the estuary of Fighesului). We walk 1 h and we reach the foresters' lodge. Then we arrive under the Lapos road, and after 3 km we reach the Saua Deselatului tourist focus point. From here we can go further following the tracks no.1 and 30, or we can descend on the parallel path with the Gherpatacul Mare stream to the valley of Belchiei.