Borsec, Toplita and their surroundings

Ttracks of Toplita


Track: Secu stream estuary (740 m) - Voevodeasa stream estuary (850 m) - Crucea stream (874 m) - Toplicioara stream estuary (980 m) - Stâna Steja (1410 m)

Length of track: 12 km from the estuary of Voevodeasa stream Level difference: 560 m Running time: going 6 hours, back coming 5 hours Mark: blue stripe Description: in the summer for well prepared tourists, in winter for skiers

Description of the track: from Toplita we can go by car until we reach the estuary of Voevodeasa stream. From here the marked road turns to the right and goes along the Voevodeasa valley. At the concrete bridge we find a blue triangle mark which goes along the Toplicioara stream and reaches the Magura Cocora peak . On the left we find a workers' lodge where there are 10-15 places for accommodation. Going to northwest on the marked path we reach "the stables". From here, in a narrow valley we turn to the north and go down along the stream about 2 km. At the upper curve we leave the valley and we go up until we reach the Stâna Steja sheepfold. From here we go to the east following the marks of track no 24, and within 2 hours we reach the Toplicioara meadow, and after that the Pietroasa meadow. From the Voevodeasa valley, at the estuary of Crucea stream we find the track no. 28, which leads to the Naureasca ridge and Obcina peak (1387 m).


Track: the estuary of Hurdugas stream (742 m) - Hurdugasul Mare valley - Obcina peak (1387 m)

Length of track: 8 km Level difference: 654 m Running time: going 3 1/2 hours, coming back 3 hours Mark: blue point (hard to see) Description: accessible in the summer, in winter we can get only to the workers' lodge

Description of track: we start from the valley of Toplica, about 1 km from the Monument of the Heroes. We go across the Hurdogas Mare valley. At the entrance of the valley we find the workers' lodge. We go on the forest road in north-northeast direction and after 2,6 km we reach the estuary of Hurdogasul Mic. After 1,5 km walk we leave behind 4 streams - the ancillary waters of Hurdugas stream. After the last one we walk 2,7 km and we reach the Obcina peak (1387 m). If we choose the Hurdugas Mic track, we get to the track no. 28 in the valley of Crucea stream, which leads to the Naureasca ridge too.


Track: the estuary of Crucea stream (856 m) - Obcina ridge (1360 m)

Length of track: 7 km Running time: going 3 hours, coming back 2 1/2 hours Mark: blue cross (hard to see) Description: difficulty in summer: middle, not recommended in winter

Description of track: from the estuary of Crucea stream situated in the valley of Voevodeasa stream we walk 2,3 km on the forest road, near the Hurdugas sheepfold we turn to the west, we walk 2,5 km and we reach the track no. 79 which goes from Naureasca ridge to the Obcina peak. This track connects the Caliman mountains with the Gheorgheni mountains.


Track: Toplicioarei estuary (980 m) - Toplicioarei meadow (1465 m)

Length of track: 5 km Level difference: 490 m Running time: going 2 1/2 hours, coming back 2 hours Mark: blue triangle Description: accessible in the summer, in the winter recommended only for trained skiers

Description of track: at the bridge near the Toplicioarei estuary we join the track that comes from the Voevodeasa valley, we walk 2,5 km on a path in the valley of Toplicioarei and we reach an abandoned workers' lodge. After 2 hours walk at an estuary we turn to the left climb in the woods and reach the Toplicioarei meadow. From here we go to southeast an after 30 min we reach the Pietroasa meadow where we find a hunters' lodge and a sheepfold. On the north we see the path no.30 which goes to the Rece peak and Alunisului saddle.


Track: Toplicioarei saddle (1465 m) - Rece peak (1389 m) - Alunisului saddle (1297 m) - Alunisului Mare peak (1440 m) - Vaman saddle (1265 m) - the road of Lupilor (1373 m) - Smida Boului meadow (1320 m) - Harlagiu peak (1581 m) - Vf. Muncelul peak (1631 m) - Tiblesul Mic peak (1667 m)

Length of track: 30 km Level difference: 1720 m Running time: going 10 hours, coming back 9 1/2 hours Mark: red stripe Description: tiring bit beautiful track in the summer, in the winter recommended only for trained skiers. We can go down to Bilbor from every point of the track. Accommodations: Poiana Piatra meadow , Paltinis hunters' lodge, Vaman hostel, Huruba hunters' lodge, Hegyesi hostel.

Description of track: we start from the Toplicioarei saddle. From the saddle we go down on a cart road following the defective yellow stripe. We find this road at the spring of the Sec-Neagra stream, behind the Vf. Măgura Cocora peak we leave behind the Paltinis meadow. After about 2 hours we reach the Bacila peak (1380 m). Here, on a clearing we choose the middle path from the three. This is marked with yellow stripe (defective) and goes along the ridge. After a while we reach the Bursucaria peak from where we go to northeast, and we leave behind a sheepfold. We go near the Dragoiasa peak and descend to the Alunisului saddle, where we find the track no. 33, which is marked with blue triangle instead of blue stripe. We go to Dragoiasa village if we follow this road. From the Alunisului saddle we climb to the Alunisului Mare mountain. But before that we climb the Alunisului Mic mountain which is on the east. On a cart road we go down in southeast direction and reach the Vaman peak. From here we descend to the saddle, we look towards southeast and we see an indicator stick. Following the track no. 35. we descend to Bilborul de Sus. From the Vaman saddlewe go in the southern direction and after 1 hour walk we reach the Smida Boului meadow. From here we go towards Harlagiului peak and after that we reach Muncel Hegies peakra () (1631 m). Continuing our way we reach the watershed between Cristisor and Hegies valley . The Tiblesul Mic peak is 1,5 km away (1667 m), on the east there is the Grantisul Mare ridge and on the north there is the Budacul peak (1864 m).