Touristical opportunities in Harghita County

Touristical routes

  1. Praid and its surroundings

    1. The tracks of Bucsin peak
    2. Tracks of Korond
    3. Tracks of Praid
  2. Odorheiu-Secuiesc and the Harghita Madarasi

    1. Harghita main ridge
    2. Tracks of Odorhei region
    3. Tracks of Zetea
  3. The Ciuc Mountains

    1. Accessibility, accommodations
    2. Ridge paths
    3. Tracks on the northern part of Munții Ciucului mountains
    4. Tourist tracks in the middle part of the Ciuc Mountains
    5. Tracks on the eastern part of Munții Ciucului mountains
    6. Tracks on the southern part of Csíki mountains
    7. Bypass tracks
  4. Tusnad and its surroundings

    1. Accessibility, accommodations
    2. Tourist tracks of Tușnad Băi
    3. Tracks from Sfânta Ana lake
    4. Other tracks
  5. Izvorul Mures and its surroundings

    1. Tracks of Bălan
    2. Tracks of the Gheorgeni basin
  6. The Red Lake and its surroundings

    1. Accessibility, accommodation
    2. Ridge tracks
    3. Tracks from Red Lake (Lacu Rosu)
    4. Tracks of Bicazului pass
  7. Borsec, Toplita and their surroundings

    1. Accessibility, accomodations
    2. Tracks of Borsec
    3. Ttracks of Corbu
    4. Ttracks of Bilbor
    5. Tracks of Tulghes
    6. Ttracks of Toplita