Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós, Niklasmarkt)

Walk in the centre

The heart of Gheorgheni, the former Piactér, today named Pta Libertatii, is one of the most beautiful landscaped small town- squares of Transylvania. Its present state was formed on the turning of the 19-20th century when the primitive buildings of the local craftsmen were replaced by storeyed houses, for example today's town hospital and the court. There is a Saint Nicholas statue in the centre.

  • Reformate church (Pta Libertatii 25.) It was built in the centre of the town between 1895-99. Brick and stone tiled building with tower. In 1992, there were 1,650 Reformate inhabitants in the Gheorgheni-basin, out of which 1,397 live in Gheorgheni.
  • The residence of Gheorgheni stood in the vicinity of the market, in the place of the law-court.
  • Famous buildings on the Pta Libertati: houses no. 1-11, 13, 15, 17-19, 22, 23, 16, 30., registered among the artistic monuments of Harghita county.

In the Márton Áron street

  • Roman Catholic church (str. Márton Áron 9-11). Historic monument built between 1753-57 in the place of the old Gothic church (1498). Due to the transformations, the church shows Baroque elements. It is the oldest monument of the town.
  • In its neighbourhood stood the Páli Szent Vince monastery and girls' school (Fogarassy Girl Education Institute), today state school.
  • The statue of Mihály Fogarassy Transylvanian bishop can be seen near the Roman Catholic church.
  • In the Márton Áron street, , the Baroque buildings under numbers 10, 12, 14. justify the wealth and the sense of beauty of the Armenian families.
  • Kopacz-house: the house was built in Baroque style at the beginning of the 1800's by the Kopacz family.;
  • Bocsánczy-house: Built in 1733-ban, its valuable element is the 1841 window bars, a real masterpiece of forgery.
  • Kövér-house was built after the fire in 1810. There used to be an arm on the gate.
  • Czárán-house (str. Márton Áron 7): it was built in the 17-18th centuries. The above mentioned four buildings are all registered as historic monuments of Harghita county(1992).
  • The Agricultural School Centre was built between 1785-1790.

In the street of the Armenian church

  • Armenian Roman Catholic church (str. Örménytemplom 1). The Baroque church in the north-east of the town was built between 1730-1734. Its Baroque pulpit, the altars and the 1752 altar painting are very valuable. Surrounded by walls, with its bastions the church seems to be a fortress church. Next to the entrance of the churchyard we can find interesting headstones containing Ammonites.
  • The building of the Armenian-Catholic parish (str.Örménytemplom no. 4) was built in the 19th. century. Historical monument.

In the Rákóczi Ferenc street

  • A The building of the Tarisznyás Márton Museum (str. Rákóczi Ferenc nr. 1, 300 m from the main square). It was built in Baroque style between 1770-1778 Historical monument.
  • In the vicinity of the Gheorgheni Culture Centre, a Kossuth Lajos (1802-1894) statue was erected in May 1977.