Touristical informations in Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós)

A good source of information is the Touristical Office(Piața Libertății nr. 24. Tel./Fax: 40-66-161568).
The city had icerink, tennis fields, riding and skiing possibilities.

Hotels, restaurants

Hotel Mureș Frăției Nr.5. (144 places; 11 single, 116 double), restaurant 120 places, bar. Tel.: 164-968, fax: 161-397).
Hotel "Szilágyi": Piața Libertății nr. 23., Tel: 40-66-162-591. Chambers with 2-6 beds, restaurant.
Hotel Sport "Avântul" (Str. Stadionului): tel: 164-594. Chambers with 2-3-4 beds, restaurant.
"Szt. Benedek" Studying House in "Csíky" Gardens (70 places, chambers with 1, 2, 4, 6 beds, mealing facility). Tel./Fax: 164-374.
Restaurant Bucin: Tel.: 163-125.
"Szent Erzsébet" home for aged in summertime also offers catering.
At Km 4. towards Lacu Roșu its a touristical facility, vich also manages the Bucin Cabin.
  • Bucin Cabin on the national road 13B Gheorgheni - Praid, at 1287 m altitude, in a picturesque zone. The cabin has 21 places. In the summer there are also available wooden houses.
  • Motel "Négyes" (KM 4.) along of the main road towards Lacu Roșu at km. 4, has 40 places. In summer it's available catering in wooden houses (52 places).
Camping Mogoșu (wooden houses, tent places - along Motel "Négyes".
"Cerbul" Chalet in zone of "Pasul Pângărați", 36 places, wooden houses, tent places.