Touristical Information in Borsec (Borszék)


Transilvania Hotel - (Str. Izvoare Nr. 19.), accommodation for 80 people; the restaurant can hold 200 people, day bar. Tel.: 137-642, 137-255.
"Doina" hospice, "Faget" hospice (at 900 m altitude, 350 m from spa, room for 120 people in its restaurant, day bar),
"Trei Brazi" hospice;
Camping (in the Stadion street) - accommodation for 150 people in bungalows (cottages), room for 20 in tents;
Intim Restaurant: room for 110 people;

Significant villas

Villa no. 51.(Emil) - Aleea Primaverii, built in 1936. Villa no. 53. (Doru) from 1936. Villa no. 60. (built in 1880). Villa no. 56. (Barbu) - Aleea Rotunda (built in 1896). The former Éliseé pesion (built in 1900 - today's Caprioara restaurant), Villa no.120. (Babám - Aleea Vânatorilor), Kaláka Villa (1934), Villas no. 13. and 14. villa (built in 1933-1935, in neo-romanesque style).

There are 17 accommodating units in total with room for 737 people (8 of them are three-star, 231 two-star and 498 one-star places). There is room for 1,188 people in total in the catering units (936 in saloons, 102 on covered balconies, 150 on balconies). Eden-Com Kft. (buffet) str. Toplita nr. 76. Tel.: 137-675. Intim Bar. Aleea Körút nr. 175. Tel.: 137-275.

Booking of accommodation

Relations: Sándor Siklódi, 4222 - Borsec, str. Noua nr. 19, jud. Harghita, Villa no. 52, tel: 40-66-137-057. Mr. Siklódi is in communication with all the owners of private villas and houses. The villas can accommodate 23, 30, 45 people, rooms with 2 or 3 beds, non-stop hot water, shower, meals at the INTIM restaurant. Buses can be hired.

Complex Turistic Borsec (SCATT spa enterprise) Vilele Borsec, str. Sapte Izvoare nr. 19. Tel.: 066-137-066. Fax: 137-638. There is room for 640 people of different comfort in total.

Excursions, walks, hiking routes

Hancker Stream Valley, Árnyas Alley. Dwarf-birches (Betula humilis) can be seen next to the mineral water springs.

Walking tours

In the town: walk in the spa, visiting of the mineral water springs, walk to the travertine-extraction area. Walking tours can be organised: to the Bükkhavas (1,301 m), Hazanézo Peak, Chirezu Mic Peak, the Creanga Peak; for serious hikers the 20 km route in the 2,000 m high Cealhau - one-day hike, the guests are transported as far as Durau by bus.

Excursions by bus: Toplita - Ditrau - Lazarea - Gheorgheni - Lacu Rosu, Cheile Bicazului - Bicazwater-basin - Tulghes line. Another route: Toplita - Ditrau - Lazarea - Gheorgheni - Lacu Rosu and return through Tulghes. Other: to the monasteries of Moldova in the canyon of the Mures (between Toplita and Deda).