Touristic Information in Vlăhița (Szentegyháza)

General information

Phone numbers: Medical center (str. Republicii nr. 24. Tel. 246-929).
City Hall and Local Council: str. Turnătorilor nr. 20. Tel. 246-634
Police: tel. 246-078, 246-600.
Chirui Youth Camp: Tel. 31 and 201.

Accomodation and catering

A Museum Hotel on the National Road 13A, 29 places fully equipped, open between 1st April - 1st November) Contacts: 4154- Szentegyháza-Vlăhița Republicii str. 24. Tel: 40-66-214361 (Odorheiu Secuiesc).

Camping at Vlahita spa (Majzos spa) (1 km East) - lodges, camping.

Baptist Summer Camp ("Csere" Camp): (3 km East) Tel. 32.

Táncos riding-school (13 km East), lodges, catering