Balneo-climateric and health resorts

Borsec (Borszék)

Borsec a town in Harghita county, in the intramontanous depression with the same name in the Eastern Carpathians, towered by the Bistrița, Călimani, Giurgeu and Ceahlău Mountains, elevation 900 m, 27 km NE of Toplița railway station; population 3,242 (July 1, 1991). Cool subalpine climate (July average temperature 15°c; January average -7°C). Low winds. Annual average temperature 5°C or so. Moderate precipitation (700-750 mm annually).

Old all-season resort of national importance (from 1804), with numerous springs of mineral carbonated, bicarbonated, calcic, magnesian hypotonic waters known and recommended for their beneficial effect since the late 16th century. The therapeutic qualities of these mineral springs were recognized internationally and awarded several distinctions such as the medal of the Vienna International Fair (1873), the silver medal and diploma of honour in 1876 at the Berlin and Trieste exhibitions, respectively, the diploma of honour of the Paris Exhibition (1878).

Mineral waters

There are over 20 sources of carbogaseous natural mineral water at Borsec. Their chemical composition is almost similar, stable, their flow varies. In terms of the flow and quality sources no.1 and 2 are the most important ones.

Therapeutical recommendations

All experts agree that the climate there exerts over the body an action which determines an increase of the appetite and the accumulation of vitamins, a normalization of metabolism, higher resistance to disease and fast recovery of the physical and intellectual potential. As internal cure are recommended for the following diseases:

  • Cardio-vascular system (compensated mitral and aortic insufficiency, high blood pressure, varices)
  • Chronical gastrithis (hipoacidic/normoacidic)
  • Endocrinological diseases (hyperthyroidism, Basedow disease, prepubertal conditions in overweight children),
  • Hepato-biliary (biliary dyskinesis, noncalculous chronic cholecystitis)
  • Kidney and urinary system disorders
  • Digestive system (hypoacid chronic gastritis, chronic constipation, nonspecific chronic colitis)
  • Asthenic neurosis
As external cure:
  • Metabolic system
  • Rheumatic
  • Cardio-vascular system
  • Neurasthenias
  • Diseases of the locomotory system

Chemical composition: mg/l

SO²¯4 9.5
HCO¯3 2013
NO¯ sld
NO¯ sld
PO4¯³ sld
Na+ 92
Ca²+ 485
Mg²+ 48.63
NH4 sld
Dry residue at 180C 1570
CO2 min.2500

Medical facilities

The health-resort has complete medical facilities, including massage, baths, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, with a total capacity of 800 patients/day. Installations for warm baths with carbonated mineral waters in tubs, indoor pool with warm carbonated water, fountains for internal cure with mineral waters, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy equipment, installations for baths with herbs, paraffin packing, gyms. Given the pleasant, acidulated taste of the Borsec mineral waters which preserve their therapeutic qualities, they are bottled at the APEMIN Enterprise of the resort.

Extensive recreation facilities (sports grounds, cinema halls, blazed mountain trails, ski and sleigh runs in winter, etc.).

Accomodation and catering

In local hotels, hostels and lodges 1718 places, in camping 252 places.