Balneo-climateric and health resorts

Lacu Roșu Resort (Gyilkostó)

Lacu Roșu , all-season health and holiday resort of national importance - a component of the town of Gheorgheni (Harghita county), in a depression surrounded by the Șuhard, Tarcău, Hășmaș and Giurgeu Mountains (Eastern Carpathians), on the shore of the natural storage lake called Lacu Roșu, elevation 980 m. Due to its position the resort of Lacu Roșu is sheltered against strong winds, having a tonic-stimulant montane climate with cool summers (July average temperature 15°c) and cold winters (January average 7°C below). Annual average temperature about 5.5°C, average precipitation 1,000 mm annually.


Situated 73 km N of the municipality of Miercurea-Ciuc, seat of Harhita county. Could be accessed through National Road 12C, 32 km East from Gheorgheni.

Therapeutical recommendations

The tonic-stimulant climate characterized by relatively low atmospheric pressure, celan air free of dust and allergens and strongly ozoniferous account for the resort being recommended in the treatment of asthenic neurosis, wakly conditions, physical and intellectual overexertion, growth disorders in children, rachitis, etc.

Accomodation and catering

Near the lake, at the feet of the Suhardul Mare Pick, is the Lacu Rosu Motel (Vila no. 46, with 83 beds in 2-3 beds rooms and in 4-5 beds apartments, each with own bath). Near the Motel there is the Lacu Rosu restaurant (200 places), available for organization of conferences professional meetings and others. In the resort are other villas, restaurants, bars and camping places. One of the most representative is the "Raza Soarelui" Vila (80 places) with beautiful view on the Șuhardul Mic.

Information: S.C.A.T. Lacu Rosu S.A., Gheorgheni - Lacu Rosu, Harghita County, Vila no. 30, phone 00-40-66-164444