Balneo-climateric and health resorts

Izvoru-Mureș (Marosfő)

Izvoru-Mureș is situated in North-Eastern side of Harghita mountains in the pass between the Ciuc- and Giurgeului basins at 891 m above sea level, at the foots of Hășmașul Mare mountain. The pitoresque health-resort is also one of the biggest Romanian student-camps.


Accessible through National Road no. 12 between Miercurea-Ciuc and Gheorgheni, 35 km north from Miercurea-ciuc, or and railroad line 400, between Brașov and Deda.

Therapeutical recommandations

Microclima of the health-resort is recommended for the diseases of tyroidal gland.

Medical facilities

Does not exists, medical assistance in the students camp's medical facility.

Accomodation and catering

In the motel 28 places, in lodges 334 places.