Balneo-climateric and health resorts

Praid (Parajd)

The village of Praid , along with Ocna de Sus and Ocna de Jos, is a health resort at 5oo-525m above sea-level, one of the westerrn entry-points in the Harghita county, in a middle of salt mountains, with salty springs and lakes.


Accessible through National Road no. 13B, at 40 km from Odorheiu Seciuesc, 63 km from Gheorgheni and 9 km from Sovata.

Mineral waters

The village has hipertermal salted mineral water springs - 49 C degrees, mezotermal salted waters at 29 C degrees. Salt concentration of these wares is between 180,3-199,7 g/l. The springs are originated in a deepth of 2500-2600 m below the ground, the water passing through the salt deposits of the same thickness. The maximum salt concentration measured in one of these springs where 280 g/l. There are also active salt mines, and ones abandoned, used for therapeutical purposes. The salt mine microclime, and the bioclime of the village are strong curing factors.

Therapeutical recommandations

The great salt and iodine concentration and the radioactivity of waters make this health-resort to be recommended for following diseases:
  • Cartilage diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Bronchial diseases
  • Gynaecological diseases
  • Rheumatism
  • Cardio-vascular system
  • Spondilosis
The microclime of salt mines:
  • Bronchial diseases
  • Asthma

Chemical composition: mg/l

SulphuricSO4 --1056,5
Dry residue199.731,3

Medical facilities

Warm baths in 52 tubes with mineral waters, open air mineral baths with 100*20 m sized pool, helio- and aerotherapy, medically supervised salt-mine therapy.

The mineral waters used in baths are extracted from 1500 m deep, warmed to 70 C degrees for bathing for 800 tube-baths, nonwarmed for the open air baths.

In the salt mine the medical facility is 160 m below the ground, with hipobaric (730 mbar), low temperature (15 C degrees), low humidity (below 60%) microclimat, no air-movement (speeds of air curents under 0,1 m/s), low ionisation (below 200 ions/cm3), aorosols of Na, Ca. For those not willing to visit this unique facility, exists threathments in salt-rooms (special rooms in wich the above described conditions are mimicked.

Accomodation and catering

In hotels 167 places, in hostels 162 places.